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So good and convenient for work!

Rida Ahmad
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Smart - really useful

This is a great purchase for your home office (any office). Avoids having sticky notes everywhere and keeps all your little bits of stationary tidy e.g. stapler, paper clips, scissors. Like the phone storage too. Good value for money.

Orangutan Fan
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Really pleased, it does what it says and it is making my life so much easier

Mrs J Hill
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Smart tidy and functional

Looks good. Greatest designs are always the simplest. Will be used all the time, I am always scribbling things down.


Desk Tidy

My son wanted this for Xmas I think he loves it hasn’t said any different.

Mrs Jan Cannon
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Sleek and elegant. Perfect for home office.

Bought as an impulse and pleasantly surprised with it. Sleek and goes well with the home office set up.


Clutter Free Desk

Very happy with my purchase. I’m glad it comes with x1 black whiteboard pen and x1 eraser.I like the fact that there’ storage under the glass writing panel. It makes it easier to store pens when I do have to sign things for work. Overall, I would recommend if you want to create a cleaner workspace.


Excellent product

Just need to make my work space tidy now I have this awesome note keeper!

Carl Atkinson
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Helps keep my desk tidy!

Fantastic product for keeping my desk tidy not only with its compartments, but also meaning I don’t need a pen and notepad on my desk anymore! Love that there’s a black option too, as all of my desktop has black equipment already. It felt at home right away!

Dale Driver
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Such a desk space & time saver

Got tired of using post it notes that would constantly fall off if I had the window open. This white board fits so well on my desk just above my keyboard. The black looks clean as well with space grey look I have going on. If you want to be organised I definitely recommend.


Just 1 Pen

Great product, high quality glass. The storage is a nice touch to keep hard drives and other desk accessories tidy. Just one thing it only comes with one pen. Other than that, it's solid blackboard.

Andrew Reid
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Very impressed, immediately put it to use.

Received the note it product this afternoon. Very impressed, immediately put it to use. I get through a lot of notepads while I work from home. This item will certainly reduce the need for notes I need for only a day or so before they can be erased. Also works as a perfect desk tidy. Love it.


Simple and clean and hidden storage

Very neat and simple. I thought it might take up room on the desk but the hidden storage makes up for that.


Bigger than expected

A lot bigger than expected. Good product. Bit pricey for what it really is but I’m happy with it.

Cass turner
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Hubby loves it

Brought for my husbands home office he loves his new note it. It’s taking pride of place on his desk.

Laraine S
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Excellent Desk Accessory!

Have this sat between my monitor and keyboard, and it's an excellent and attractive tool for taking quick notes (cell references, reminders etc.). Good storage space and great build quality!

Mr. M. Sargeson
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No more sticky notes!

I first bought post its to take some notes and keep them in front of my eyes. Then I used post it notes with a small notebook. After a while, my desk looked like the note pile is getting bigger and bigger. Then I saw black board by note it and I ordered it as soon as it was in stocks. I can now happily say that I don’t need to use anything else. And the storage space inside is amazing! Definitely recommend to anyone who considers buying a glass board!


Better quality than I expect

I half expected this to be overpriced for what it is, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it seems to actually be quite well built! As others have mentioned, it’s also bigger than I expected (pleasingly so, for me) so I feel as though the storage will actually be of some use. Pen works well which is a marvel in itself if you’ve ever used a white dry-wipe pen in the past.


Innovative whiteboard which keeps physical and mental things organised.

Very good value and made of high quality. I really like it because you can jot down notes on the whiteboard, which is actually made of glass, and it keeps my desk organised by placing all my pens, ink cartridges, my wallet and everything else neatly stored inside. Great concept.

Steve Gruppetta
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No more notepads! High quality equipment.

I’d been looking for a whiteboard to stick up on the wall next to my desk - but then I discovered this. Brilliant idea and it means that I don’t have to keep going through notepads. Most of the notes I’d make in there I’d only refer to the following day, so his was the perfect solution for me! The surface and product in general seems super sturdy which is great, gives it a high quality feel. Would highly recommend


Brilliant Customer Service

I love it so much. Now I never have to waste another post it note. And best of all since it came with a pen that didn’t work. They have offered to replace with 3 new ones. Awesome service. They deserve all the praise and you are helping the environment by buying this product. What are you waiting for? If only they had pen refills for the markers…. Hmmh hint hint!! :) :)

E. Dilinila
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Superb Desk Whiteboard

This is a lot better than I thought it would be. The size is just about right and the fine nib pen means you can keep a lot of notes on it. I think it maybe a fingerprint magnet but that is natural for a product of this type. Well worth the purchase, very happy.

Mark Patterson
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Love it!!

Due to Covid, I have been working at home mostly - so I purchased 2 of these as Xmas presents, one for myself and one for my niece who is also working from home.  Today is the first day back to work 4th Jan 2021 and I just set mine up for use today - and this item is going to help so much throughout the day.  I already have a white board on the wall which I use to write the sales on - this table top 'note it' is going to help with jotting reminders, call backs etc - instead of using paper.  Absolutely love this item - if you have a home office - you should get one of these!!!

Daljit P.
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Will I convert from post-its?

I’m an avid user of post its for notes, actions and tasks. But with my office looking like a hand grenade went off in the post-it factory. I made the jump and purchased this item on a whim. I’m on day one and it seems well made and stylish and bigger than i expected (a good thing). Suits my office down to a tee. I've stashed my post its and hope this will convert me to save the world, one note at a time! I haven't yet checked on the cost of the pens replacements which will be my only concern going forward as biros are cheap and plentiful. My only bug bear is that my monitor stand takes up a lot of room so the note-it sits on top of it. Thats my issue and not the products so I'm sure i'll be able to manipulate my office space to suit it.


No more scraps of paper

Great product, sturdy, good quality, plenty of room in the tray for all my pens, paper clips and other desk clutter. I love the black design, as it matches my desk set up, blending in unobtrusively. No more scraps of paper all over the desk, I can jot down temporary notes and then remove them when I no longer need them. As this sits on my desk at work, my colleagues can use it to leave messages when I am away from my desk too.

A. Coleman
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Love this!

I had no idea that this existed and its just perfect for my little desk at home! I am forever writing down notes and this is great for note taking. I really like the little storage part too helps to keep my desk tidy.


Saves time and paper

Initially reluctant to purchase as it is quite large, but now wouldn't be without it. Always at hand; no more looking for pen and paper or trying to remember telephone numbers. Looks good and you just keep reusing. Great product.

Thomas F.

Great addition to your workspace

Being someone that likes to have have a clean desk, I'm a sucker for anything that helps clear any mess around my workspace. I came across this during my search and thought I'd give it a go. I've used this now for a week and definitely recommend it.. It has a surprisingly large amount of storage space which I use for my stationary...I have now recommended this to a few workmates who have now purchased! I'm now trying to convince my boss to purchase some for our offices!


Truly recommend

This is incredible for notes and storage. No more paper wastage and reusable.Looks great on desk with pen and phone storage too.


Perfect desk addition. 10/10

Fantastic item, built with quality and a PERFECT desk accessory. It just works, super happy with mine and think it’s priced really cheap!


Great product!

No longer have to waste paper on quick notes or to-do lists. The added benefit of a large storage compartment underneath allows you to easily organise your desk and hide away any clutter too.

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