From Note it to Notera

Learn more about why we rebranded to Notera and our mission as a company.
Huw Williams

Our paper-free mission started out under a different name - note it stationery.

After a year of building our paper-free community to 1000s strong, we found ourselves on the end of threats from a large M..M..Multinational who claimed that note !t would be confused with one of their trademarks.

As a small, 2 person business we had no real choice but to oblige with their demands and rebrand.

Meet Notera.

notera logo

While our name may be different, our mission remains the same:

To create tools to foster your creativity and protect your focus.

By re-thinking and redesigning classic workspace tools, we aim to create products that in turn help you create a space where your work can really flow. All while looking great and saving paper.

We thank you for being part of our paper-free revolution!

Huw & Usman